2021 Kreatif Architects Internship Program

2021 Kreatif Architects Internship Program’s annual scholarship award will be announced after the applicants Aylin Özdemir, Beril Güngörmez and İrem Azak’s  ”Boşluğun farkına varmak” presentation due to the jury’s evaluation which will be held on 17th September. We wish them all good luck in advance!


Kreatif Architects Summer Internship

Approximately 150 applications were submitted for the Kreatif Architects’ Summer Internship programme.

This summer we will be together with our following friends.

Ahmet Can Güven – İstanbul Kültür University

Tayis Karakütük – Mimar Sinan University

Bahadırcan Günay – Yıldız Technical University

Ebru Selvi – Istanbul Bilgi University


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As part of the ongoing COVID-19 isolation measures, we updated our IT infrastructure and our communication network, which will allow us to work remotely. To protect the health of our employees and their relatives, we will be closing our office between 18-30 March 2020 and switch to the remote working model while we continue to work with our clients and partners on ongoing projects. We will observe the situation and update the opening date of our office according to the updates of World Health Organization and Turkish Ministry of Health. As always, you can contact us by phone and email. ⁣⁣

Hope to see you on healthy days.

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EMITT 2020 – Gobeklitepe

Aydan Volkan, attended to EMITT 2020 International Tourism Show and shared her views on tourism and culture during the panel titled “Is It Possible to Transform Tourism with Göbeklitepe that Changed History?’ and presented Kreatif Architects’s Göbeklitepe Visitor Center and Animation Center project.


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Kreatif Architects Internship Applications

For the last 15 years, we are funding one of our most successful interns in Kreatif Architects for a one month trip to Europe, covering their accomodation and travel expenses. Apply for minimum two months uninterrupted internship position until 15th of March with your CV and Portfolio. (Accomodation and travel expenses for foreign students during internship period in Istanbul should be covered by students themselves)


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Kozlu VS and RK Houses

The concept designs of the two residences are carried out together and completed for two separate clients in two adjacent parcels in the village of Ayvacık Kozlu; municipal and implementation processes initiated.

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NG Hotel Sapanca – Interior Architecture

In order to meet the increasing demands by Sapanca NG Hotel, interior architectural concept projects of the 60.000 m² hotel with 273 rooms on the adjacent parcel of the existing hotel buildings were completed and the application projects phase has started. The hotel is planned to open in the first quarter of the year 2019 – 2020.

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Turkuvaz Media Office Interior Architecture

The interior architecture concept works of about the 50.000 m² of the Turkuvaz Media Center, which has an total indoor area of 300.000 m² has been completed. The application projects of office floors, lobby and studio common areas, backstage, meeting floor, management floor and media museum are on going.

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D&R Logistics Centre

D&R’s new logistics center will be implemented in two phases on a 120.000m² land located within the borders of Istanbul Airport. The first phase, which has a construction area of 55.000m², is planned to be put into service this year. The structure which will have advanced automation systems will have a capacity of 720.000m³ storage and distribution volume.

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Göbeklitepe Visitors’ Centre has been discussed on TV.

Göbeklitepe, which is in the permanent list of UNESCO World Heritage Site, made its official opening today. We are pleased to have designed the project of Göbeklitepe Visitors and Animation Center. You can access the special broadcast TV program from the following link: https://www.ntv.com.tr/video/sanat/mimarlari-gobeklitepeyi-ntvde-anlatti,gpotrlanakoksjcts3z0r

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Kreatif Architects Internship Fund

For the last 14 years, we are funding one of our most successful interns in Kreatif Architects for a one month trip to Europe, covering their accommodation and travel expenses. Apply for minimum two months uninterrupted internship position until 15th of March with your CV and Portfolio. (Accommodation and travel expenses for foreign students during internship period in Istanbul should be covered by students themselves)

Email: cvstaj@kreatifmimarlik.com


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Travel Grant for Internship

Kreatif Architects’ travel scholarship is given to the most successful summer interns for 13 years. This year, Berkay Ozturk has won the travel scholarship with his successful studies in the internship period.

Berkay Ozturk was born in 1995 in Istanbul. In 2013, he graduated from Fahreddin Kerim Gökay Anatolian High School and in the same year he won the Yildiz Technical University School of Architecture. In 2017, he had the opportunity to study in Lodz, Poland for one semester with Erasmus program. During his education, he completed his construction site internship in Mahmutbey-Mecidiyeköy subway in Alarko Holding and office internship in MTF Proje and Kreatif Architects. He is continuing his education at Yıldız Technical University School of Architecture.

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Archiboo Web Awards


We have been shortlisted for Archiboo Best Mobile Experience award with our recently re-designed website by İyiofis. The Archiboo Web Awards recognise and celebrate architects and their collaborators who best use online to communicate great architecture. The awards are open to architects, engineers, landscape architects and other collaborators or companies whose website is to do with the promotion of architecture. Judged by a panel of 30 experts from tech to property, the 10 categories recognise outstanding digital performers from engagingly written content and impactful design to firms pushing the boundaries with the latest technologies such as VR.

Aydan Volkan is the guest editor of Betonart Architectural Magazine’s 57th issue.

The 57th issue of the architectural magazine BETONART, is edited by Aydan Volkan with the theme title “New”. Contributers are: Gurbey Hiz, Ersin Altın, Eray Çaylı, Emre Senan, Hakan Gurvit, Özgür Öğütcen, Bülent Erkmen, Ali Perret, Emrah Altınok, Çağda Türkmen, Murat Sökün, Begüm Kübra Nas, Ece Konuk, Nilüfer Karanfil, Eren Can Altay, Yeşim Hafize Desticioğlu, Ezgi Yılmaz, Elvan Arıker, Ersen Gürsel, Kerem Piker, Mehmet Konuralp, Ali Osman Öztürk, Eren Ciraci, Boran Ekinci, Doğan Tekeli, Cemal Mutlu, Kerem Erginoğlu, İkiartıbirmimarlık, Nevzat Sayın, M artı D Mimarlık, Hakan Tuzun Sengun, Deniz Yıldırım, Ecem Kocaarslan, Ilgın Hancıoğlu, Onur Kutluoğlu, Nihan Caba, Elif Kartal, Serenay Elmas, Sema Alaçam

Meeting with Master Architects and Materials Experts

A special program consisting of visits to six different product manufacturing companies’ stand and an interview with an architect was realized during three days of Turkeybuild expo Istanbul in May. Cenk Dereli interviewed with Aydan Volkan on the first day of the event series. The discussion focused on mixed-use buildings that combine office, residence and shopping functions, on educational facilities and on different materials and construction systems in high-rise buildings.

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The construction of our mixed-use project in Sumqayit has started

The construction of our mixed-use project which consists of residential and commercial units in the Sumqayit region of Baku commenced in the last quarter of 2017. The project has a construction area of 260.000m² in total. A residential campus consisting of 13 blocks includes a social facility and a school building in addition to commercial units. 


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Kreatif Architects’s 13th internship for Inter-Rail

Kreatif Mimarlık sends office interns to Europe via Inter-Rail for the 13th time. The interns who take the trip share their experiences with the office staff on their return. Kreatif Architects cover their accomodation and travel expenses.

The founder of the Kreatif Architects, Aydan Volkan, stated that the travel grant given to one person every year was decided to be given two students this year, indicating that six students have completed two months of internship at Kreatif Architects. Next summer Abdülkerim Atabey from YTÜ and Sinem Evcim from İTÜ will be visiting Europe via Inter-Rail next summer. Previsously, Melis Yağmur Elaldi, one of the 2016 interns, had shared her impressions about the concept of “urban threshold” from her summer travel thru our web site and Facebook page.

Kreatf Architects see office and construction site internships as an important part of architectural education. In office projects that provide the same conditions and facilities as the employees, the interns also are given responsibility within the ongoing projects according to their knowdledge and interest.

Kreatif Architecs accepts applications frım students who will only take summer internship without interruption for at least two months. The applications are accepted between the dates, December 10, 2017 and February 15, 2018. The applications are evaluated first after the examination of the portfolios and then with the interviews conducted with selected candidates. For the year 2018, a total of 8 weeks internship period, excluding one-week holiday, was specified between July 2nd and September 7th.

Internship applications can be made to the email: cvstaj@kreatifmimarlik.com

Ytong Architectural Ideas Competition

Aydan Volkan shares her views about the Ytong Architectural Idea Contest, which she has been a member of for the second time. Ytong Architectural Idea Contest with the title “away from the city”, exptected to reveal fictional designs in which the loss of the essence of the urban spaces and the urbanization of rural areas are interpreted and solutions for them are developed by the participants so that the deformed spaces can be regained again. Participants in the contest are expected to define a true PLACE for the theme, a genuine PROBLEM for a defined space-time, and even if it is not for the time being a SOLUTION to be created.

Please click to watch the video. 

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Aydan Volkan was a guest of Architects Speaking with Kalebodur program, entitled “Interaction Between the Disciplines in the Process of Architectural Design” within the scope of the Architecture and Design Summit.

For more info click.>

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