Kozlu VS and RK Houses

The concept designs of the two residences are carried out together and completed for two separate clients in two adjacent parcels in the village of Ayvacık Kozlu; municipal and implementation processes initiated.

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NG Hotel Sapanca – Interior Architecture

In order to meet the increasing demands by Sapanca NG Hotel, interior architectural concept projects of the 60.000 m² hotel with 273 rooms on the adjacent parcel of the existing hotel buildings were completed and the application projects phase has started. The hotel is planned to open in the first quarter of the year 2019 – 2020.

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Turkuvaz Media Office Interior Architecture

The interior architecture concept works of about the 50.000 m² of the Turkuvaz Media Center, which has an total indoor area of 300.000 m² has been completed. The application projects of office floors, lobby and studio common areas, backstage, meeting floor, management floor and media museum are on going.

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D&R Logistics Centre

D&R’s new logistics center will be implemented in two phases on a 120.000m² land located within the borders of Istanbul Airport. The first phase, which has a construction area of 55.000m², is planned to be put into service this year. The structure which will have advanced automation systems will have a capacity of 720.000m³ storage and distribution volume.

Göbeklitepe Visitors’ Centre has been discussed on TV.

Göbeklitepe, which is in the permanent list of UNESCO World Heritage Site, made its official opening today. We are pleased to have designed the project of Göbeklitepe Visitors and Animation Center. You can access the special broadcast TV program from the following link: https://www.ntv.com.tr/video/sanat/mimarlari-gobeklitepeyi-ntvde-anlatti,gpotrlanakoksjcts3z0r

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The construction of our mixed-use project in Sumqayit has started

The construction of our mixed-use project which consists of residential and commercial units in the Sumqayit region of Baku commenced in the last quarter of 2017. The project has a construction area of 260.000m² in total. A residential campus consisting of 13 blocks includes a social facility and a school building in addition to commercial units. 


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