Kreatif Architects’s 13th internship for Inter-Rail

Kreatif Mimarlık sends office interns to Europe via Inter-Rail for the 13th time. The interns who take the trip share their experiences with the office staff on their return. Kreatif Architects cover their accomodation and travel expenses.

The founder of the Kreatif Architects, Aydan Volkan, stated that the travel grant given to one person every year was decided to be given two students this year, indicating that six students have completed two months of internship at Kreatif Architects. Next summer Abdülkerim Atabey from YTÜ and Sinem Evcim from İTÜ will be visiting Europe via Inter-Rail next summer. Previsously, Melis Yağmur Elaldi, one of the 2016 interns, had shared her impressions about the concept of “urban threshold” from her summer travel thru our web site and Facebook page.

Kreatf Architects see office and construction site internships as an important part of architectural education. In office projects that provide the same conditions and facilities as the employees, the interns also are given responsibility within the ongoing projects according to their knowdledge and interest.

Kreatif Architecs accepts applications frım students who will only take summer internship without interruption for at least two months. The applications are accepted between the dates, December 10, 2017 and February 15, 2018. The applications are evaluated first after the examination of the portfolios and then with the interviews conducted with selected candidates. For the year 2018, a total of 8 weeks internship period, excluding one-week holiday, was specified between July 2nd and September 7th.

Internship applications can be made to the email: cvstaj@kreatifmimarlik.com

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