LOSEV Health Complex

Category: Health
Location: Ankara
Project Date: 2012
Client: Lösev Lösemili Çocuklar Vakfı
Area: 90,000 m²
Team: Aydan Volkan, Selim Cengiç, Ayşe Akbaş Yıldırım, Onur Arat, Selim Aygün, Mesut Bayraktar, Zeynep Çakmak, Mehmet Alpertong, Begüm Alyemiş

LOSEV Health Complex is designed as a general hospital as well as a specialized oncology health institute. Almost more than half of the whole complex is designed to serve children patients. It is located at Incek area of Ankara in Turkey with a total 90.000sqm covered space including 280 beds in addition to emergency and IC units. All the oncology as well as the other 70 full featured polyclinics are designed according to the different needs of the children and adults as it is the case in patients’ rooms. 

Another important building of the complex is the accommodation block with 160 beds designed to serve to the relatives and companions of the patients. This 13-storey block is designed to fulfil the needs of the long-term stays of these people who wish to be close to their patients during treatment periods. Inside the LOSEV health complex a four-storey educational block is also designed. This school will be used for primary, secondary and high-school educational purposes. These three separate buildings are skilfully placed in the site allowing all of the facades to receive direct daylight and have a smooth pedestrian and vehicle traffic on the ground level.

The main entrance of the hospital is designed as a more independent access separated from the entrance of the accommodation and educational units located on the other side of the site where a children’s park exists nearby. Between the main hospital entrance and the educational block, individual one storey hobby houses are designed in which some craftworks will be produced and sold in order to raise income for the LOSEV foundation.