AC Hotel Macka

Category: Tourism, Retrofit
Location: İstanbul
Project Date: 2012
Client: Tanrıverdi Holding
Area: 5,500 m²
Team: Aydan Volkan, Selim Cengiç, Nesrin Asal, Aysun Şentürk, Tolga Işıkyıldız, Sevan Özacar

The AC Hotel Macka is a renovation project that uses the old Taslik Hotel structure in Macka district of Istanbul to be used as as a business city hotel for short term stays.

Kreatif Architects, with considerable experience in architectural design, interior design and spatial organization of tourism and accommodation facilities, has designed a peaceful building in Akaretler Street with a serene identity.

The lobby directly opens to the street and a facade with reference to the classical apartment facades of Nisantasi is preferred with horizontal linear character.

There are 98 rooms in the renovated building housed inside the structure an existing hotel with an additional block on the adjacent lot. Due to building regulations of the site, the renovation method had to be preferred instead of rebuilding after demolishing the existing structure.

The result achieved in terms of meeting international mechanical-electrical standards and Marriott’s room size requirements has been more than satisfactory despite the limitation of existing floor heights.