Alemdag Residences

Category: Residential/Mixed
Location: İstanbul
Project Date: 2016
Client: STFA
Area: 58,000 m²
Team: Onur Arat, Erhan Yıldız, Fatma Savgan, Adnan Eser

STFA Alemdag Houses are located on a 16,500sqm area surrounded by other gated residential sites. The neighbouring parcel located on the northwest of the plot is devoted to the educational function. Entrances to the three different linear block with angular and irregular geometry are provided from the inner courtyards.

Single storey commercial units are planned on sides facing the main road, to serve both the houses on the ground level residents in the vicinity. The blocks, which are up to 5 floors in height at most are recessed from the road and the height sense is reduced when viewed from the road.