Ormanada – Interior Design

Category: Residential/Mixed
Location: Istanbul
Project Date: 2009-2011
Client: Eczacıbaşı REITs
Area: 100,000 m²
Team: Aydan Volkan, Selim Cengiç, Ayşe Akbaş Yıldırım, Eda Kaplan, Adila Öztürk, Serhat Ateşoğlu

Special attention was given to create unique streets for families with varied sizes and lifestyles in the 220-acre project area which is surrounded by forests in Zekeriyaköy İstanbul. In order to make the residents feel as if they are living in different neighbourhoods, rather than a large dull settlement, small squares, parks and variously shaped streets were designed. While maximum daylight was a primary concern in the design of the houses, necessary privacy conditions were maintained.

The direction and location of the houses, details and material choices were carefully studied in order to create a sustainable settlement that is coherent with the surrounding nature. Interior design of the houses has the flexibility and choices which will enable the residents to reflect their own identities and lifestyles with abundant easy usage and maintenance features in visually coherent styles.