Karakoy Boutique Hotel

Category: Tourism
Location: İstanbul
Project Date: 2012
Client: Karaköy Hotels and Management
Area: 7,500 m²
Team: Aydan Volkan, Selim Cengiç, Ayşegül Kapısız, Mehmet Alpertong, Selim Aygün


Karakoy Boutique Hotel is one of many similarly sized hotels which are increasing in number in the Galata-Pera region of Istanbul. It is designed to replace one of the adjacent row blocks shaping the dense Bankalar Street. In order to create a spacious entrance on the extremely dense and narrow site, the lobby has been designed to allocate two floors in this hotel which will have 90 rooms in its 8 floors. The restaurant above the lobby has been extended towards the backyard, to help continue the spaciousness created in the lobby.


A simple and bold grid order has been designed for the facade which subtly fits into the existing fabric of the street. The recessed window frames bring a three-dimensional texture to the facade and also behave like a sun blocker for the windows.