Haliç Hilton Garden Inn Hotel

Category: Tourism
Location: İstanbul
Project Date: 2008
Client: Amplio Hotels and Management
Area: 17,000 m²
Team: Aydan Volkan, Selim Cengiç, Evren Yıldırım, Erhan Yıldız, Seçil Yavuz
Award: National Closed Competition, 2nd Prize

Haliç (Golden Horn) which is the most important element of the Istanbul silhouette after Bosphorus has been gaining its lost geographical beauty and cultural power since 1990’s in small steps. Building lot which is located on a strong topographical spot has two different sides facing Kagithane and junction of Haliç (Golden Horn) with Bosphorus. During the design process, these two directions were major criteria. The building is designed as a generative pioneering architectural example that will start the change of the surrounding unfavourable physical environment.

With the gradual levelling of the main form, it was possible to maximize the number of rooms facing the main view. The single type rooms, briefed by the management concept, were carefully placed facing different viewpoints that enable a variety to be created on the facade and as a result 93% of the 214 rooms could have Halic (Golden Horn) view. West facing facades are designed together with the sun control elements. Open spaces between the main volumes were used as restaurants, entrance foyer and gardens. Reception, restaurant, lobby bar, gym hall, two seminar rooms with 100 seats, foyers and four meetings are located on the floor which is also the entrance floor of the hotel.