The Golden Hill Shopping Centre and Residences

Category: Residential/Mixed
Location: Izmir
Project Date: 2011
Client: Kavuklar
Area: 216,000 m²
Team: Aydan Volkan, Selim Cengiç, Onur Arat, Erhan Yıldız, Sinan Günay

The Golden Hill Shopping Centre and Residences, located in Izmir, is formed by a shopping area on the lower level and two residential blocks above this base. Large volumes have been subtracted from the main mass of the shopping block on the facades where entrances and exits are located in order to emphasize the accesses in third dimension. The gap between the movie hall mass and the main mass of the base enable daylight to reach the circulation areas of the shopping mall below.

On the terrace level two high-rise residential towers are erected on 1.000sqm area. The A Block with 32 floors and B Block with 21 floors have been designed to face the sea view at 77 percent. Balconies have always played an important role in Izmir’s hot climate and in this project, various sized balconies help to differentiate the complex from its counterparts.