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Kreatif Architects is an Istanbul based architectural company founded in 1995 by architects Selim Cengic, Aydan Volkan and civil engineer Mehmet Cengic. Kreatif had completed many national and international projects by combining urban planning, architectural design, interior design and engineering aspects as a complete understanding.

Works of Kreatif are based on design, inter-disciplinary coordination, budget and programme control, efficient project management and the achievement of best architectural quality. We believe in the importance of design; but rather than defining who we are through a signature style or brand, we prefer to believe that design is the critical component of our service to our clients, to the building's users, and to the environment.

It is our responsibility as architects and designers to design high-performing, healthy, and functional buildings that positively affect the people, and environment they serve. For each project, we first consider our client's goals and programmatic needs — both immediate and future — then integrate those with site conditions, and the project's role within its environment. We believe in good design, and consequently great service, can be accomplished only through the consideration and balancing of all of these factors.

In the design and supervision of each project, we are involved in each phase from the initial concept stage, through planning, until construction and completion. We believe that the success of a project comes with the richness of team work and we value this asset throughout all design phases.

Working internationally on healthcare, educational, hospitality, commercial and residential projects, Kreatif Architects has completed over 1,250,000 sqm of design, execution, construction and coordination work. Our vision of good design is providing, functional, sustainable, efficient solutions in a manner of combining inspiration and knowledge with creativity.


Kreatif Mimarlık provides the following architectural services;

Programming & Master Planning

  • Urban Planning
  • Site Planning
  • Project Programming


  • Architectural Design
  • Architectural Rehabilitation and Restoration
  • Sustainable Architecture and Renovation
  • Construction Drawings and Specifications
  • Field Construction Supervision
  • Building Commissioning

Interior Architecture

  • Programming
  • Space Feasibility and Utilization Studies
  • Interior Design
  • Furnishings, Fixtures, and Equipment Selection
  • Graphic and Signage Selection
  • Construction Drawings and Specifications
  • Furniture Contract Coordination
  • Post-Installation Evaluation